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weirdly relevant to the question I answered yesterday.

Just repeat to yourself “This isn’t the Olympics, it’s an industry” and go make those comics!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 1st Sep at 9:11 AM

I kind of feel better about my dog’s death (if that makes sense???)…my family sat around and talked about happy moments with him so that was nice. I feel sad and my house feels empty without hearing his food steps or having him wake up my family at 6 am for dog food and water.

Everything clicked and I put together that his body was shutting down on him and he just couldve fight…I wish the vet would’ve sent us home with pain medication instead of medication for his heart because he wasn’t able to make it for his last pills…and I feel like they knew that too but that’s another discussion -_-

…this is my first time coping with death so I’m just having a bunch of feelings yknow. Also no read more since I’m on my phone. Is there a way to do a read more on this stupid app. Tumblr staff, make a read more option. Your app sucks.

Posted on 1st Sep at 12:52 AM

I don’t know. I’m just happy he died at home in his favorite place, if that makes any sense. I’m happy we gave him a good home.

Posted on 1st Sep at 12:37 AM

My dog just passed away. He was struggling to follow me and my mom around today but he couldn’t. He didn’t even eat his food or drink his water today. We found him under the bed. He used to hide underneath the bed all the time. My friend was supposed to watch him tomorrow.

Posted on 31st Aoû at 3:30 PM

Ehh…sorry for all the personal posts but i just found out my dog has congestive heart failure and fluid in his lungs… :( He’s 14 years old and I was five when we adopted him so I’m really worried about his health. My friend’s family volunteered to watch him if I’m ever out since I dont really feel comfortable leaving him alone.

I know that I said I was only taking commissions because I wanted money but I might do emergency commissions (five dollars) for college supplies and other stuff.

Like i dont really feel right taking money from my parents…we do plan on taking him for more treatments but if you ever had a pet, you know it can be expensive. u_u I’m also going to apply for a part time job at my school if one’s available…but yeah…ill make a more official post for commissions when I get home.

Posted on 30th Aoû at 8:15 PM

has anyone else burnt up a bag of microwavable rice before and have your family question how and why you did it, at least once

Posted on 30th Aoû at 8:10 PM

i goofed up i messed up so bad i burnt an entire bag of microwavable rice and my eyes are watering and the smoke is now clearing out what went wrong why do bad things happen to good people i just wanted to make some rice for my dog

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