Hey everybody. I’m going to cut to the chase here. I want money. I want you to commission me, so I can get money. Short and simple - if you commission me, I’ll get money. And in return, you’ll get cool art.

Top row: Five dollars sketch commission

Middle row: A simple lineless + color thing, nice.

Last row: Fifty dollars for b&w lineart, also nice.

I don’t accept NSFW art, but I’m up for anything else (as long as I’m comfortable with it, so maybe not EVERYTHING). I’ll draw your waifu harem. I’ll draw a furry. Guess what? I’ll draw your furry waifu harem.

Prices will go up (or down!) depending on how complex or simple the piece is, how many characters, the background, and so on. ALSO, you’ll get a psd/sai file and a full resolution pic.

Commissions will run through the end of August and/or if I get five slots filled up (they’re all open rn). Also! Just a head’s up - I only accept paypal and I need half up front (and the other half when I’m done…tho if you are unable to do that, we can work something out). Please message or fanmail me if you’re interested. Thx.

I’m also considering b/w line art commissions so ill think about it. That will also include the original file so you can color it if you want. Line art takes me a while to do depending on details so that might be $50 or so…more or less

The post is p informal but giving everyone a heads up

I also might do lowpoly commissions but I can’t sell my maya stuff so I need to get more comfortable with blender first

I don’t have a sob story or anything but I’m taking up five dollar sketch commissions (top) and twenty dollar character commissions (bottom) because I need some money. Prices may go up or down depending on detail, background, extra characters, etc, etc… also, youll get the full picture @ 300 dpi and the sai/psd file.

Plz fanmail me or send me a note if youre interested, thx. Commissions are open now until the end of August. I also dont have my laptop on me rn so ill make a more official and fancier post later.


doodle of lyle.


doodle of lyle.

An Infinite List of Favorite Collections - Stephane Rolland F/W 2014-15 Haute Couture

My brother is working at sdcc this year and he’s gonna get a free weekend pass why won’t he tell me his secrets

A message from hatthekid
Hey Jen if you could play an instrument, what instrument would it be?

OH HI HELLO HELLO THERE. i was just thinking about how classes are starting soon IM SO EXCITED (NOT FOR THE STRESS BUT TO SEE EVERYONE AGAIN)

i used to play piano for a year or two but then i quit and my family jokes about it all the time :I but idk maybe like synth or guitar or something. i think anamaguchi uses hacked game boys and neses (i think??) for their music and im like ‘how they do that’ and i think it would be cool to do that


Peonies by Alphonse Mucha, Ink and Watercolor c. 1897 via Wikimedia Commons


Peonies by Alphonse Mucha, Ink and Watercolor c. 1897 via Wikimedia Commons


earl’s purchase